Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fringe Season 2

I'm mildly psyched about Fringe starting up again. The pilot really failed to impress me -- I mean, I was so put off by it that I was blind to the world-beating cuteness of Astrid/Jasika Nicole, who otherwise isn't much of an actress. I caught up on it during the summer break, though, and it definitely improved, although there are probably a couple-few other scifi shows that I'm more anxious to see. (Doctor Who, why must you make me wait till November?)

The first season finale deserves tremendous props, though -- its plot is the kind of SF that tickles my brain, it had an excellent balance of action and exposition, it didn't overplay the apocalyptic tone, and the cascade of twists that led up to the final reveal killed (if you spent your childhood (or, in my case, early adulthood) earning your nerd bonafides, you'll know what I'm talking about).

Miscellaneous notes:
  • I really hope that what'shername and Pacey don't get shipped together. I liked that Olivia's sister got introduced in the middle of the season if only because she offered a buffer against Lead Romance, especially if JJ Abrams has any major influence in the matter. (Both of the leads are also against getting shipped. Whatever opinion I have of either of them, they've shown discriminating taste.)

  • In my mind, Australians always speak in high voices, so the fact that both John Noble and what'shername Anna Torv are both Aussies kind of twisted my mind. I've listened to interviews of both of them, and still can't imagine them talking like Crocodile Dundee (sorry, Aussies).

  • Fringe got the cover treatment from EW's Fall TV preview, and Anna Torv done up in '50s glam is an utter peach.

  • The EW cover story says that Fringe was the "No. 1 new show among the valuable 18–49 demo," which begs the question: is there any demographic that isn't valuable?

Indie rating: Janelle Monáe – "Cybertronic Purgatory"


Margot said...

I loved the X-Files nod last night. I mean they rip SO much from that show, I think it's wise to remind viewers that they're not actually watching the X-Files. But I do love Fringe. I just think of it as a remake and I'm happy :D

Anonymous said...

i am not gonna comment about the x files nod but it is definatly worth mentoining... Fring is its own have to realize that this is the second season and i have come to the conclusion that all real story lines have been used and reused for the last 50 or so years so yea we have to see retreaded comment is this: I love the characters and the basic story line thus far. you feel that there is just enough background to get a good assoiation and and feel of the main players and you can connect with their personalities. the give and take are common in most well wirtten "made for tv" scripts.... lets see where season 2 takes us... hopefully into season 3...