Sunday, October 04, 2009

Survivor: Samoa - 19x03 "It's Called a Russell Seed"

I have a lot of problems watching this season, namely with two of the contestants: the transparently small-dicked Russell, who seems like a caricature of a Survivor villain and who pushes every single one of my buttons and who single-handedly makes me want to stop watching this season and don't be fooled by his short stubby arms, he's quite skilled at patting himself on the back, and Ben, the misogynist and racist bully. I wouldn't mind holding either of their faces in a fire -- the burns on my hands would be worth it. At the moment, I'll settle for Ben getting schooled and out-classed by Jaison (who would be awesome if not for his coziness to Russell) (though honestly, it doesn't take much to put Ben in his bottom-feeding place) and getting ignominiously booted.

Dalton Ross thinks that Ben is being a media-savvy reality tv contestant operating on the "any attention is good attention" dictum, but having listened to what the creep had to say on the mighty three episodes he was on, he sounded so unaware and idiotic and juvenile that I'm sure all the words coming out of his mouth simply reflected his genuine sentiments and that there was hardly anything more behind them than wanting to avoid looking weak. Well, given that he felt compelled to trip a guy from behind, the weak label is already attached to him.

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