Monday, November 23, 2009

SYTYCD Miscellany

First, a Youtube of Legacy dancing with ~* sWoOn *~ Rino from the Beat Freaks:

And after the jump, a gif of Cat that disproves her claim that she can't dance.


Indie rating: Mira Calix – "You Open Always"


momo said...

*double swoon* BEAT FREAKZ! I want to see an all-stars ABDC show. Make it so!
I already Legacy he was a kick-ass dancer in his own style. I hope we can see this relaxed, MUSICAL Legacy get a chance to show his stuff on the show. He's SO precise with the beat and so relaxed and complete with his movement. Thanks for posting this.

Leee said...

On an ABDC kick, I think of the BFs so much as a single entity that I'd kind of forgotten that each individual can seriously burn on the dance floor. Rino's killing it here.