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So You Think You Can Dance (UK) - Top 6 (1x10, 1x11)

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Lizzie and Robbie - Broadway
I was all ready to hate this because it hewed so closely to the Cheesy Oreo School of Nauseatingly Cloying Broadway, but Lizzie and Robbie both submerged themselves into their performances so well that by the end, I can't help but smile and admit that this was an awesome routine.

Charlie's solo
Choosing a faster song to dance to to try to make it seem like she's doing more?

Alastair and Mandy - Contemporary
It's hard to tell if this charming tale of domestic abuse could've used more emotional investment -- there weren't many closeups of either dancer, so I couldn't read their faces -- but otherwise, YES. I will note that it referenced no fewer than three other routines from across the pond (Bench, Table, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith). (I didn't catch who the choreographer was, but I'd guess it's Baldo Italian.)

Lizzie's solo
Even though she hardly used any of the stage, her musicality was pretty good and I particularly liked the move where she threaded herself through her arm and leg.

Tommy and Charlie - Jazz
The Cheeseman cometh. And this one, Charlie aside, was straight righteous. And although he was wearing pants that were remaindered from Sonya's number for Legacy and Kathryn, Tommy's flip off the prop was B-A-N-A-N-A-S? Like, he took two steps off that thing? Think about that: HE TOOK TWO STEPS OFF THE PROP. (The negative: whenever Charlie wasn't in a lift or tossing her hair, which is to say, whenever she had steps to perform, she fell out of time, and bless Arlene for calling her out on that tip, as little good as it did.)

Alastair's solo
Paso matrix music, except Alastair didn't dance to this at all. Completely devoid of musicality, which makes me think that his Top 10 solo was an anomaly. He also seemed to be riffing off of Ryan Di Lello's cheesiest moves, especially double fist-pump/drop to the knees.

Lizzie and Robbie - Hip Hop
Keeping in mind that, again, this isn't really hip hop, I rather enjoyed this routine, too, if only for the trippy vertigo-inducing use of the prop, though once they got out of bed, Lizzie seemed to be underused. A question about the styling: do Britishes have letterman jackets and cheerleaders?

Tommy's solo
This is a solo. (And, apparently, Tommy's night.) His downrock was fast, tight, and inventive, and the way he transitioned into the two big power moves were eye-popping. The part where he looked like he was going to be a kip up but instead does a handspring back up (and then into a back somersault)? WHAT. His pirouettes into a windmill? WAHT.

Alastair and Mandy - Paso Doble
Reminded me of Legacy and Kathryn's paso, but with the volume turned waaaay down. Neither Alastair nor Mandy managed to look anything but tepid.

Robbie's solo
I can't pay attention to his dancing -- which I'm sure is another series overwrought tricks -- because he's wearing another Stars and Bars tee? Huh? Arlene seems to have decided to be awesome and brings the truth again by saying that all he's been doing was repeating his audition solo.

Tommy and Charlie - Quickstep
Really poor job of coordinating the stage and costuming -- Tommy kept disappearing in his black vest and pants against the, wait for it, black backdrop. Anyway, from my layman's perspective, I didn't see a lot of actual quickstep, but Tommy looked great. The most technical I can/dare to get is that his frame slipped occasionally, but otherwise, brother is fearless in all these dances.

Mandy's solo
Again, she does little for me.

Results-talk, after the jump.

As annoyed as I am that Charlie and Robbie made it to the finals (by rights, Drew should've taken his place, while anybody else should've taken her place), I'm pleased as punch that Lizzie (whom I've been a fan of since the auditions and who has proven to be among the most versatile and competent of girls) and Tommy (who has gradually grown on me for much the same reasons as Lizzie, albeit over the course of the season) are also in the running. I'm not going to assess their chances, as I don't want to set myself up for finale disappointment.

Indie rating: Bardo Pond - "Silver Pavilion"

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