Friday, February 19, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 20x02 "It's Getting the Best of Me"

Much like Boston Rob's physique, I've been softening my opinion of him to the point that I choked up a little bit when he was afraid that he'd have to be medevaced out of the competition.

A couple reasons why it's good that Stephen from Tocantins didn't make Heroes vs. Villains. First, Stephen's bromantic feelings for JT might've been tested with Colby around. Second, he'd have possibly been exposed to JT's treachery -- treachery! -- of not letting the "Hero" label limit his strategizing (or, in fact, witnessing his passive-aggressive response to losing the second immunity challenge).

Which brings me to a theory of why the Heroes have been punting immunity challenges in the first two episodes, i.e. being on a tribe called "Heroes" feeds into their egos and creates certain expectations of conduct and gameplay which is either going to handcuff them with respect to in-game strategy or lead to overconfidence during challenges, i.e. too many (self-styled) cooks in the kitchen, something that seemed to happen at the second immunity challenge.

Speaking of which, while I agreed with James' specific point that the Heroes needed to listen and follow a single puzzle-leader, the way he said it, and the way he kept hammering at Stephenie, was more than enough to reconsider any affection I might've had for him before.

Indie rating: Aidan Baker/Thisquietarmy – "Imagistic Continuity"

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