Sunday, February 28, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - 20x03 "That Girl is Like a Virus"

I honestly hope that Russell and Parvati fall in love, because consolidating two of my least favorite Survivors into a couple is a more efficient use of my hate.

Someone should tell Tyson that Heroes vs. Villains is an all-star edition, and so he should've brought his A-game barbs, not some sawed off wound-licking excuses like worrying for the other tribe's sanity, lame jibes about "steroid sandwiches," etc.

Don't get me started on Russell trying to talk baseball. He said he doesn't "even like" the Red Sox -- but why would he like them in the first place that he has to qualify his statement with "even"? And big-upping the Astros, especially the unreflective, tribal way he did it, is about the most provincial neophyte thing he could've done. Does this guy follow baseball?

The challenge was pretty amusing, if only for two reasons.

First, in the matchup between Rob and Colby, the two of them got so covered in mud so quickly that I couldn't tell the two of them apart, which is bad news for Colby given Rob's softening torso.

Second, hahahahah, Coach. Hahahahaha.

Indie rating: Massive Attack - Paradise City"

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survivormuch said...

Oh well Russell is really jealous of Boston Rob's capacity to lead the tribe. and this will be his achilles' heel I think. This is eating him wholly and distracting him to play at his best