Saturday, April 03, 2010

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 14) - 14x04 "America's Next Top Vampire"

Despite my initial excitement for this cycle, I anticipated being disappointed sooner or later, and lo, it turned out to be sooner. But the weird thing is that at least so far, I can't characterize the reason I'm not feeling this cycle. I mean, besides that any girl I've identified as a potential hero has met with reality death, Tyra-style, guaranteed.

Alasia, as much as I don't like her, seems to be much more aware than we give her credit for -- how else to explain the fact that out of all the girls, she was the one who was properly dressed for improv challenge (scuba diving)?

And that was the highlight. The whole enterprise wasn't even a trainwreck on the order of Lauren's Italian Cover Girl commercial or Jade's poolside Cover Girl commercial -- it was entirely too safe in its complacent ennui. In fact...

... the emcee of this challenge was JB Smoove, whose parting words to the girls -- "Ladies, tremendous job, amazing job. Wow. Wow." -- made me think that the editing department forgot to put up some onscreen text:

Back to Alasia, I can hardly believe that her photo was deemed the best for the second straight week, particularly when Raina (whose eyebrows continue to bug me) took this:

The worst thing I'd say about her picture is the unevenness of her eyes -- the photo looks like it was taken mid-blink or something -- but otherwise, you'd think that the judges were the ones wearing the opaque contacts.

Indie rating: Spiritualized - "Shine A Light"

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