Saturday, November 20, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua - 21x10 "Stuck in the Middle"

Quick thoughts:
  • If the food that NaOnka stole had stayed buried, the tribe would have been in better shape after the fire burned all of their stores.
  • Now that there's only one Kelly left in the game, why is she still called Purple Kelly? They should give her a new nickname to accord with how visible she's been on the show, i.e. Ultraviolet Kelly.
  • Marty's contempt/disdain for Jane was over-the-top and contributed to how little sympathy I felt for him. However, Jane showed some things that rankled me, namely how she tends to reduce people to really reduced types, going so far as to call Brenda an outright villain whom she wouldn't associate with in the game, much less in real life, because of how much she was scheming. Still, Jane totally impresses me with her toughness and I respect her for that without hesitation.

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