Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Amazing Race - 17x11 "I'm Surrounded by Ninjas"

  • Raddest thing this leg were the soldiers and their prodigious abilities of breaking things with their feet. Like, dude did a flash kick!
  • Curious bit of editing sleight of hand. Here, Brook matches the headband with her soldier...

    ... runs with her soldier to get the clue...

    ... and here is the soldier who actually breaks the board:

    Like I said: curious.
  • I wasn't terribly happy to see the Passive-Aggressive-Fest Brook and Claire were having as they tried to decide which Detour to take, which unfortunately has been characteristic of their last handful of legs. Neither of them acquitted themselves well, but I wouldn't go so far as to say they're suffering from a severe bout of Killer Fatigue (i.e. we've seen teams -- from this season, no less! -- melt down far worse than the tiffs between Brook and Claire). Not since their brouhahas are confined to the discrete points during the race, and any ill-will doesn't spill over into other parts of the race.
  • Passive-aggressive or not, Brook is seriously a cartoon character and I will love her forever.

Go Brook and Claire! Go Nat and Kat!

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