Monday, June 06, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance - Audition Thoughts Redux

Given my current habits and schedule, nowadays I have less time to write something up properly, so here are additional thoughts that I left out in my rush to get my previous post up.

But before that, I was wondering if any readers would like an open thread in which to discuss episodes as they happen (seeing as good SYTYCD blogs keep folding)? If so, register your opinion in the poll to the right, or in the comments below.

Anyhow, my left overs... after the jump!

Following up on the stats discussion in the previous post, Bryant comments,
My perception is that they were more willing to send hip hop dancers straight through this year than they have been in previous years -- you never saw the judges wondering if contemp dancers could work in hip hop styles, but that used to be the common thread in hip hop auditions. This year? Not as much. Or maybe I'm imagining things.

I don't have the hard data, but I'm almost positive that we're seeing more hip hoppers getting sent straight to VEAGS, a development about which I'm glad because it goes a little way in redressing the show's contemporary bias.

More generally, one possible upshot of all the straight-Vegasing, particularly for the contemporary dancers, is to impress on the viewers the amount of talent we're going to be getting in the competition. We see all these kids skipping the choreo round, thus getting the show's stamp of awesomeness, and then suddenly, when we're watching the callbacks and then meeting the top 20, we feel like this group of dancers is the cream of the crop. And the better the crop, the better cream, right? (Not that these pre-competition considerations will necessarily stanch the kvetching that's inevitable during the season.)

Iveta's (and Gherman's) big lift briefly transforms what looks like a waltz (or possibly a foxtrot) into a full-on paso:

Yeah, only 29-year-olds can pull that off.

You kind of have to hand it to Nigel:

Old man can get grimy.

I suspect, however, that his critics didn't need to be reminded of that, nor would they care to hear that he may be so natural at it because he's basically miming taking off his pants.

(Happy dreams.)

Despite impressing Cat with her costume...

... skimpy fringes alone won't make Kristen a Latin dancer.

I seem to be one of the few people who didn't think that Brian Henry was all that disrespectful to Russell or Lil C in his opening comments, that it was relatively mild braggadocio and trash-talk compared to, for instance, Jose saying he was better than Legacy. But then, am I practicing some sort of soft-bigotry here?

I am definitely practicing hard bigotry here:


momo said...

I'd love to see an open thread!

Leee said...

Dear Readers,
The response has been pretty good (i.e. I had low expectations), so starting tomorrow, I'll set up an open thread for the Meet the Top 20 episode tomorrow, about 30 minutes before it airs EDT/CDT. Thanks, folks!