Monday, June 13, 2011

SYTYCD Administrative Odds and Ends

First, I want to remind everyone that I'll be posting open threads for each episodes if demand stays up, so keep an eye out for those and please contribute!

Second, Music Wishlists/Predictions/Suggestions seem to be making the rounds on the So You Think-osphere, so, why not me?
  1. Boris - "Farewell" 
  2. Bardo Pond - "Montana Sacra II" 
  3. Fuck Buttons - "Sweet Love For Planet Earth"  
  4. Mogwai - "You Don't Know Jesus" 
  5. Stereolab - "John Cage Bubblegum"  
  6. Can - "Halleluhwah" 
  7. Isis - "Celestial (The Tower)"  
  8. Spiritualized - "Medication" 
  9. Neurosis - "Aeon"  
  10. Sleater-Kinney - "Little Mouth"
  11. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "BBF3"
  12. Huggy Bear - "Her Jazz" 
  13. Lamb - "Merge"
  14. Dead Can Dance - "Cantara"
  15. Katy Perry - "ET (featuring Kanye West")

I think I'll get at least one of those right. Anyone one else want to play?


Talia said...

I like the Boris idea but I'd rather it be the song Boris by the Melvins. I can totally see it as a krump song.

momo said...

All these double M names!
Miranda Maleski=Mima
Missy Morelli =Mimo
Melanie Moore = Memo

At least Mitchell and Marko are not double-Ms.

Barry said...

LOL I would totally watch that episode.