Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SYTYCD Top 16 Perform Open Thread

Talia givin' me ideas, for free:


Talia said...

You and your blog make me so happy!

Sara said...

I second that, Talia!

And ice-cream. Ice-cream makes me happy too.

About last night, there were a few highlights. M&M continues their reigning and Jess is still obnoxious.

One thing I can't understand is why the judges aren't giving actual feedback anymore. It's slobber fest all over. Gimmicks and weird metaphors and no actual critique. It pains me.

Amanda said...

This blog makes me happy, too. Totally agree about the judges -- who'd have thought Kristin Chenoweth would've been one of the most specific and constructive, last night? Jess is still obnoxious, yes, but I have to say that was a terrific foxtrot. Really enjoyed it.

Before the performances, I wanted Jess and Ryan to leave, but they both did great. I think the bottom three couples should be Robert and Miranda, Ashley and Chris, and Caitlynn and Mitchell (mostly for Caitlynn). Though I wouldn't be surprised if Sasha and Alexander were in trouble, either, because going first seems to be the kiss of death and because Alexander's not that great and the hands-coming-out-of-the-piano thing was admittedly kind of weird.

Beyoncé and Sasha herself are both equally to blame for the fact that whenever I see Sasha, I think, "Fierce. Fierce. Fierce." I love how her "lines" (still not sure what those are) are kind of edgy instead of flowy. She makes amazing angles with her body. Her ribcage in the contemporary in Las Vegas drove me mad, MAD!

Sara said...

I feel the same way about Sasha, Amanda! Whereas Melanie, for instance, seems to always be floating on air...Sasha is edges and eccentricity all over.

If Jess were to get over himself, he'd be great. His trying always so hard turns me away from the dancing. The foxtrot was rad though.

And spot on on the Bottom 3, there. I think they made the right decision with the boys, but I'd prefer to see Ashley go. Have no interest in her.

And that's why, if I were to tattoo the face/name of a celebrity on my buttocks (which I wont, but if I were to), it'd be the Cheno. Specifically as Olive Snook.

Sara said...

Gotta add...Mitchel's solo? I hate to use this word but...buck!