Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SYTYCD Top 20 Perform Again Open Thread

Here's Tasty and his hot new remix to keep you company.


momo said...

All right, I'm going to spam these comments something fierce. If you don't want to be spoiled, look away.
Debbie Reynolds is still alive and auctioning off her Hollywood costume collection.
Ryan and Roderick (heh heh) dance to a Mandy Moore routine and this means 80s music! It's supposed to be sexy and it is so totally NOT. once again, Ryan's smile bugs. Hot mess. Judges burble, say absolutely nothing about the dancing.

momo said...

Stacey Tookie uses oversized furniture, I found it very distracting. That and Adele, starting to feel like a SYTYCD cliche. Blue lighting doesn't work with dark-skinned dancers. Mitchell should just dance, look pretty and keep his mouth shut. Dang, I'm critical tonight, maybe I need a drink.

momo said...

Wadi and Missy did their darndest with the chacha but it defeated them. Difference was that Missy sold it with her face even if she didn't have the movement, and Wadi looked scared.

I love the Iveta+Nick partnership. The Bollywood choreo was too frantic, but they gave it their all.

momo said...

Missy makes Robert less obnoxious in the intro clip.but they confused Ameriker with all the stuff about woodpeckers.
You either loved them or you hated them. They have clicked as partners, good. When she did that backflip she didn't quite nail the landing and he covered for her really well.

momo said...

jess and clarice STFU, please. didn't like their partnering, his legs were lacking, I find her so dull. this second round of the top 20 is really helping me sift out the dancers I like from the ones I don't, even if there has not yet been a number I've really completely enjoyed.

momo said...

Tadd and Jordan did a great job on the VW, really great. They even did a respectable run in closed position which is harder than all the tricks and lifts. Tadd is an uncanny natural dancer, oh my god. He has had no partnering experience, good thing Jordan has had so much experience. They really got the character of the dance and communicated it with confidence and total commitment.

momo said...

the golden couple Melanie and Marko. LOVE THEM.

momo said...

Not surprising that Sasha is more compelling than Alexander in their NappyTabs, but he was OK. I don't like their literal story dancss that much, but it fit the moment.
I don't believe their partnership, though. I don't think she is dancing with him.

momo said...

Spencer Lyff, best choreo of the night, great song, great performance. Not wild about Ashley or Chris's personalities, but that was fun as hell.
Cry-Baby: Iggy Pop!

Sara said...

Apart from my Melarko crush, I totally LOVED Tadd's outing of Jordan. Can't say I'm surprised.

Also, although I hated the song choice and didn't really care for the choreo, I really enjoyed Sasha.

geeky Heather said...

Ryan & Ricky - Ew. Over Ryan; hope Ricky sticks around.

Caitlyn & Mitchell - Mitchell's refusal to really play the bad guy left the piece looking like a mentally unstable woman whose man's doing the best he can to cope with her mood swings.

Missy & Wadi - Really impressed with Missy; though she wasn't perfect, she gave it her all. Had to watch a 2nd time to even see Wadi...result: meh. He tried.

Iveta & Nick - not the best Bollywood, but not the worst. Doesn't matter; <3 Nick. Impressive that such a tall dancer can move that fast! (Your chicken legs are OK with me, Nick! =( )

Miranda & Robert - HOLY CRAP WHERE DID MIRANDA COME FROM THAT CHEST POP, WHUT??? Robert failed to annoy me.

Clarice & Jess - Clarice did an amazing job supporting herself on Jess with no help from him and having gorgeous lines. He danced like he had a vague idea of what contemporary was supposed to look like, but his moves stopped at his phalanges. Boy can spin, but please send Jess & Ryan home so Clarice can dance with Roderick (snark).

Tadd & Jordan - Competent Viennese Waltz. Tadd's "dirty little secret" makes me want to fight Debbie Reynolds for him.

Melanie & Marko - Almost cuted out at Marko messing w/Mel's ears & her reaction. Costuming was dumb but failed to screw up fabuloso characterizations and style.

Sasha & Alexander - Mostly meh. Curious to see if lack of beard mobilizes the teenyboppers.

Ashley & Chris - <3 <3 <3 His opening move...WHAT? ...although, STUPIDEST "what America doesn't know" EVAR.