Thursday, July 21, 2011

SYTYCD OMG Top 10 Results Open Thread

Mitchell? More like "Male Camel-Toe."

Momo comments on Tango technique:

re: tango--Marko did not have his feet under him all the time (too many toe leads) in the tango which is why his posture was off, I think. Whether one is doing Argentine, and leaning into the embrace or American ballroom and making a martini glass shape, the forward steps should involve a heel lead and rolling through the foot not being on your toes. Try it both ways, and you'll see the difference.

When I do American tango, I almost never do toe leads, it's one of the things I do consistently right. However, I've not actually gotten a consistent, definitive answer about toe/heel leads in Argentine from my teachers. In fact, I prefer toe leads (at least in the salida/8-count basic) because I seem to stay more balanced that way. I could be doing everything wrong, of course; for example, toe leads might not help with rise-and-fall. Yes, Argentine tango has some rise-and-fall, my mind was blown when I learned that.

Anyway, open thread, have at it.

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