Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SYTYCD Top 12 Perform Open Thread

Sara shares some of her favorite SYTYCDAU routines, and the following quickstep is really charming:

The performance is pretty good (though his arm tone and frame isn't consistent), but for me, the choreography itself is off-the-charts charming.

I'm a little surprised she didn't link to this ANGRY FOXTROT IS ANGRY, though, featuring Kieran and Jess:

It's when I went from thinking, "Get off my tv computer screen already you baby-faced naif," to painful disbelief when Kieran was eliminated that week.


Niki said...

Wow. Travis. Having some relationship issues? That made me a bit uncomfortable. However, this piece reminded me that what I love about Travis's best work is his musicality. I found myself tuning out of the story and just watching bodies moving to music, and I was pleased.

Niki said...

Wow, I loathe Tasty. As a person. His jazz choreo is at least bearable (unlike most of his Broadway). Why does this show love him so?

Sara said...

I can't link to everything!

So, M&M got a little bit unstuck yesterday. I have to say this though, I totally agree with Sonya. Even if they're uncomfortable or unsure, they still sell it with their faces and performance.

That's my biggest problem with Ryan. She goes from perma-smile to this weird grimace that turns my attention to how insecure she is of what she's doing.

If this is a fair contest, then she should definitely go home tomorrow. I don't think Ricky deserves to go home though. If the judges remain impartial, they'l boot Ryan and Alexander.

Hey, Ryan, you wanna see how two hip-hop dancers (well, one with some contemporary, anyways) sell a tango? Even if it's far from technically perfect?