Wednesday, August 03, 2011

SYTYCD Top 6 Perform Open Thread

Janette's my all-time favorite female contestant, and possibly my all-time favorite period. Not sure if I've made that sufficiently clear.


momo said...

The bit where Marko spun her around like a cape was amazing! I'm so glad they chose real Spanish music.

Amanda French said...

I thought Marko lacked intensity or something in that. So far my favorite paso doble ever on the show is Legacy and Kathryn's.

Leee said...

Uhh.... that is not the cleavage I needed to see.

Leee said...

Aargh, not happy with the AS paired with Sasha.

momo said...

There such a high level of dancing and performance in this episode, even if I am not as attached to any of the dancers as I have been in seasons past. I will be sincerely happy if Sasha or Melanie wins, and I would be OK with Marko. Love Tadd, and have come to respect Ricky, but they each have some growing to do as dancers, if not as personalities.
Look at me, taking this winning stuff seriously! I just loved all the dancing last nigth.
Cristina Applegate can come back as a judge any time.

geeky Heather said...

Ha. I was thinking of you when Janette showed up. =)

I think they gave Melanie a pass on hip-hop; if Kaitlyn had danced like that they would have been all over her. She's (Kaitlyn) really gotten the shaft as far as dance styles.

That said, I hope Melanie wins! =D