Wednesday, March 21, 2012

America's Next Top Model: British Invasion (Cycle 18) - 18x03 "Cat Deeley"

Firstly, as indicated by the episode title, my pretty little mind could barely handle two of my sincerest reality tv loves colliding on the same show. Shame that Cat got completely overshadowed by the whole mess between Kelly Cutrone and Louise, whom I was all set to defend until her outburst at panel -- not that I really blame her for it. Kelly "I'm Not Doing Math" Cutrone did come off as an overbearing micro-manager (way to dispel stereotypes about women in positions of authority), first by pointing to herself as a good leader and to Annaliese as a bad leader, then by making up rules about not running around on set because it creates a chaotic atmosphere. Hm. Maybe this is why I'm an office drone and not upper management, but when there's only a handful of minutes left to finish a shoot (as a result of admittedly ineffectual leadership, but that's closing the barn door after the horse has already bolted), perhaps the last thing to worry about is the appearance of disorganized frenzy, and, I dunno, getting the job done. 

I may be coming down harshly on Kelly Cutrone, but then, this is what she sez when she thinks about punk rock: "Clean, cool rock 'n roll." My only response is to cue Sophieface:

Onto lighter matters, though if you think about this in the context of an American educational crisis, especially at the college level...

If Harvard had known that one of its graduates from the Owner/President Manager Program would go on tv, don a cape, and call herself "Super Smize"* for the second time in her life (that we know of) while wearing a baffling neon strip around her chest, and then use a superhero conceit as an excuse to grope and slap the chests of young girls, then they'd better reassess their admissions criteria, or else... well, they still have more dignity than Stanfurd. Then again, the entire exercise did give Ashley and her amazing accent an opportunity to say "capes." OMG.

* Full disclosure: I love and will forever love any idiotic appearance of Super Smize.


Ana said...

It all started innocent enough... well, for Tyra, at least, with Illuminata and Era-descent, but quickly descended into full-on facepalm territory, with Excite-to-Buy and, my favourite for the way Tyra pronounces it, Next-Doorsia (-zha).

The whole episode was RTV gold, in my opinion.

Leee said...

She's probably trying (and failing) to make up for the way she mispronounced Katarzyna all during cycle 10.