Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Live, AKA Catching Up

Crashing pretty hard to earth after the last season of SYTYCD -- I must be getting old -- but the good news on that front is that we are indeed getting a tenth season. Anything beyond that and I'm afraid to push my luck.

Other TV developments include several of my favorite shows concluding -- Fringe and 30 Rock -- which should've occasioned a retrospective post or two, but instead became excuses to not do anything because hey, there won't be any more of these episodes! Except, there won't be any more episodes. And I lied, I did write something for the 30 Rock finale over at Slant Magazine. I had (and have) more ambitions ideas concerning the only sitcom I watch(ed) and how I'd hoped it would give up verisimilitude and fully embrace its off-the-wall cartoonishness, only to be disappointed when it paid obeisance to continuity by fulfilling Jack's prophecy concerning Kenneth: "In five years we'll all either be working for him... or be dead by his hand." And if the writers were going to follow through with this, I'd have preferred the second option. 

Moving on!

I performed a Lindy Hop to one of the best song of the '90s, and I have to say, this time my performance doesn't make me wince too much! I guess I'm getting better.

That's about it for now (as far as the stuff that's not mind-deadeningly boring). Anything worth filling the Fringe- and 30 Rock-sized holes in my TV schedule now?

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