Sunday, May 05, 2013

Teen Titans Go! - 1x02 "Driver's Ed/Dog Hand"

Remember how I panned the premiere of Teen Titans Go!? Probably not, because I didn't link to it till now. Anyway, the premiere isn't bad so much as a lackluster disappointment given how strong the original Teen Titans series is. Fortunately, I'm happy to say that the second episode is miles above in terms of everything that matters, meaning that its fractured sort of humor has return to nearly full blast. My review points out that Teen Titans Go! deals with the original series' tricky balancing of insane comedy and touching affect by entirely forgoing the latter, though "Dog Hand" nearly sneaks some in with a wryly deadpan send-up of filial reconciliation. Even though in the end it's a parody, it can't help but engage in the emotions of rapprochement and tug your heartstrings.

I'm rewatching Teen Titans from the beginning now, and having finished the first disc of the first season, I'm surprised at how tepid and not awesome it is so far -- even "Switched" isn't as GLORIOUS (must be said in a Starfire voice) as I remembered. I'm confident it'll get great soon, but my point here is that Teen Titans took several episodes for it to take off; if "Driver's Ed/Dog Hand" is any indicaiton, Teen Titans Go! has managed the feat in two.

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