Tuesday, July 08, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance - 11x06 "The Top 20 Perform"

With the exception of one routine, the showcase extinguished the hope I'd built up during the auditions. Make room for me, Anthony Morigerato and your polite golf clap.
  • Ricky and Jessica's routine is by far the only positively noteworthy routine, though what I think of as the elemental division of roles -- Ricky as air, and Jessica as earth -- spotlights Ricky to a large degree. I don't want to minimize Jessica in this routine, since her part in it -- the lifts, both as the one being lifted and the one lifting -- gives Ricky all that room to shine.
  • A tap routine involving stairs invites this unfair comparison.
  • Christopher Scott continues to bother me every time he sets a routine to another song that's not hip hop, or when he choreographs a prop-heavy piece, or both, all of which works to pull the idea of "hip hop" away from its core style. Nonetheless, I like this routine in spite of the choreography -- Emilio and Teddy both perform admirably.

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