Sunday, July 27, 2014

So You Think You Can Dance - 11x09 "The Top 16 Perform, 2 Eliminated"

Remember when I was literally sick and tired last week? As it turns out, I've been suffering fro pneumonia, but strangely enough, I have more to say than last week, even based solely on first impressions.

Tanisha & Rudy - Hip Hop
Rudy is this year's Kent, isn't he?

Emilio & Footman - Contemporary
This was diverting, though if I'm in the mood for random cross-season comparisons pulled out of thin air, Bridget has been reminding me of Jordan Casanova -- technically capable, but not an expressive performer.

Ultimately, though, this routine is most memorable, for the Rube Goldbergesque contortions required to get Emilio in a penché.

Teddy & Emily - Salsa
First: Couldn't they have used a salsa song to dance a salsa to instead of reggaeton? The judges are very diplomatic about the routine, which is in almost all respects a trainwreck, though I'll add that Teddy (my dance god with clay feet) looks comfortable in the solo sections, but his partnering is awful.

Also notable for the fact that nobody mentioned that Jonathan Platero is a SYTYCD alumnus (the momentary chyron hardly counts), which stands starkly against the neverending adulation heaped on Travis. Maybe the show is still sore about how new he was to salsa when he was cast in season 5? And perhaps that explains the song choice? (Not really.)

Marcquet & Jessica - Foxtrot
I actually liked this routine and Marcquet in it despite the technical shortcomings -- maybe that's a sign of my eroding standards (pun!) now that I don't do ballroom anymore, or maybe Nina Simone just transports me (I resisted that pun).

Brooklyn & Casey - Hip HopBrooklyn comes alive -- she wasn't performing, she was embodying.

During the dancer intros this episode, I found myself wishing that Serge's name was Simon instead, and Casey's was New York.

Hey, Mandy Moore has reached the '90s!

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