Wednesday, February 04, 2004

As is my new routine, I save the Tuesday best for last. (Though that obviously doesn't hold true if I don't watch my taped 24 till Wednesday night.)

Shandi apparently is making huge strides, getting mad props for her photoshoots and her personal style. She didn't impress me with her Nicole Kidman photos (mostly because I don't know how Nicky gets shot), and during the Funky Chicken fashion show, simply judging by what Betsey Johnson said and what I saw for myself, the only reason that I can come up with to Shandi winning had nothing to do with her runway walk, and judging was completely based on stylee, because as is gospel, Shandi can't walk. Apparently, though, I'm nitpicking, because she's moved from gangly unsure fashion neophyte to intriguing gangly subversive sensation who hopefully is only going to gain more confidence.

I had thought that Yoanna would win that competition (out of all the girls, I thought hers was the most natural and fun), but she got to go onto the dinner date anyway and continue to make me think she's a rather shallow person. And when she grins too hard, all the skin on her face gets pulled back in an off-putting way. However, memo to Janice: yes she looked possessed in her Audrey Hepburn photos, but that's because Audrey Hepburn was possessing her.

Just as I start appreciating Mercedes more, her status on the show is becoming significantly more tenuous. That is sad irony.

Again, Catie was the second-to-last to hear Tyra mention her name at Tribal Council -- humility is the word (and Camille -- you listening diva?). She's got mad runway skillaz (doing spot-on impressions of the other contestants) and cuteness, but she needs fast to grow up.

Jenascia came off as in over her head. (rimshot) She'd been on thin ice for a long time now.

omg a whole America's Next Top Model post with no mention of EMO GLASSES?!

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