Friday, February 06, 2004

The expanded episode of The Apprentice was a bad idea, since stretching out Heidi's "I know I'm going to the board room" rants was tedious to the extreme. More filler in the unwholesomely awkward Steinbrenner-Trump "I love you, man!"-fest.

No one's stock fell further than Kristi's (though Jessie came awfully close). I'm baffled that someone who manages a restaurant full-time could be so inept as a project manager. She also drafted the dregs, which is the biggest reason her team lost. Troy and Kwame are all surface and pizzazz, and Jessie's non-existent. After the loss, Kristi (whose name I actually forgot and had to look up, which tells you what kind of an impression she's made on me) was ready to take anybody's advice, and Jessie just happened to be vomiting nonsense.

And Jessie's laying low strategy might work for other reality shows, but obviously not with this one. And her speech rhythms sound like a child's!

When Trump put Omarosa in the hot seat, she actually took the chance to tell her sob story. I'm sure he appreciated that. It's put up or shut up time for her anyway -- it's strange actually, she's been so vocal as a team member but yet to take the leadership role.

The most camera time that Heidi's gotten so far couldn't have come at a better moment, because we had the privilege of hearing that beautiful mouth of hers. With the amount of reality tv that I watch, I have to put up with fake smiles and forced politeness, and when someone as aggressive as Heidi mouths along, it's absolutely refreshing. On the new Protege, she and Omarosa are probably the likeliest to stick around.

My money is still/now officially on Amy to win the whole thing, since Nick did defer to her a couple times.

But really, the Steinbrenner-Trump manlove was disgusting.

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