Friday, February 20, 2004

Kind of an unmemorable Apprentice even though when I watched it, I didn't think that it was bad. I'm having trouble remembering... oh wait, ok, it's coming back.

But first, the prime reason for Survivor being more compelling than Apprentice are the characters (yes, I just referred to actual people as characters). At least for All-Stars, the characters are already established, and so the producers can focus somewhat more on their nuances, which creates a fuller portrait of them as individuals. Apprentice, though, and for whatever reason, has reached a dead-zone in terms of character development. It's more plot/challenge- and Trump-oriented, to its detriment.

But anyway. Notice a pattern anyone? Amy's team has never lost. She's a total pro, leaving a team in which she's invested emotionally, getting picked by the numbskull squad who happens to include the "number one can't work with anybody person." Her comment about how she doesn't like Omarosa but can still manage to work with her is a perfect embodiment of her chances of winning, though at least from what was shown this week, the person whose stock rose the highest was Troy's.

Katrina, what Troy did was underhanded, sure, but this is the biz. Clue up. It's like expecting Lil not to use deception simply because she's wearing a Boy Scout uniform. You're own fault. In fact, I almost respect what Troy did. Katrina yakked it up about she's the primo real estate honcho in the game, and so what would one expect him to do when she's offered him free, expert advice? (But Troy, one thing: next time when someone accuses you of doing something morally dubious, look at Trump directly in the eye.)

Aside from all the maneuvering, I'm really admiring Troy. From the start, through the dark days of Men Corp, he's been upbeat and personable, not just to his "friends" or allies, but to Sam. And his wheeling and dealing with the celebs last week saved his team from a complete drubbing. His reaction, though, when Heidi found out about her mom topped it off for me. Class act in my book.

Heidi impressed with her strength and resolve, though I in principle disagree with her consulting with her parents on whether or not to stay in the show. Most parents, I'm sure, will say, "We don't want to disrupt your thing," though I'm not sure how many genuinely mean that.

Almost nothing to report about Omarosa, except that possibly outside of a work setting, she might be nice to hang around. Her "I'm strong, look at these rocks" (flexes) bit was cute.

Ereka to Tammy: "Can you go and join the other team? You're setting us up to lose." Can't get any more accurate than that. Katrina dodged a big bullet here -- if Tammy hadn't said the wrong thing for the 17th time, Katrina would be pounding the streets.

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