Friday, February 20, 2004

The star of Thursday nights is Survivor.

Rob C had been, up till last night, mostly invisible from the camera. But when he was voting and said, "[Alicia,] I have a feeling that the next time we see each other, I'm going to get a finger-waving" won me over completely. Unfortunately, it came a little late, since Boston Rob completely played him over, Rob C's reactions were kind of sad to watch once he realized it.

God help me, but I'm liking Jerri! She hasn't been obnoxious, but an actual positive team contributor, speaking up when the situation warrants but not acting like a pride-hurt child when things go awry. Oh, and no scheming (so far). But seeing her at her lowest after the rainstorm, then take a little extra breather before easing back into some work earned loads of respect from me.

Further, she didn't do a horrible job directing the tribe in the IC -- being the second to find all the pieces and ahead of Rich's direction equals nice job.

After the complete dumps that Saboga were in, witnessing their immunity win, coming in first no less, was an enthralling and invigorating experience. It's sort of the American dream right there, folx (there goes my Socialist respectability). And jeez, seeing Saboga's fingertips completely white!!! Color me freaked.

While I thought that Rupert was Survivor Force To Be Reckoned With (along with Colby), Rich still has him beat at fish catching. The jerk is nuts, going after sharks and moray eels.

Crikey, that's about all there is to say about Survivor today, since I sort of poached a possible topic in my Apprentice post. Oh well, Saboga winning immunity was satisfaction enough for me.

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