Monday, March 08, 2004

Alias - 3x14 "Blowback"

The Hot Nerd

It's nice when ABC interrupts its Sundays with occasional episodes of Alias.

First I shall enumerate the things that bothered me.

Dr. Barnett's plunging neckline at her not-a-dinner-date with Sloane. I don't want to get into the why, but my lord it was many sorts of wrong.

Melissa George's eyebrows seem to have grown back.

Rampant product placement of Ford cars and trucks.

The narrative structure of the episode was a poor decision simply for the fact that a ton of material was repeated, even the more exciting stuff (like the Ford product placed chase) didn't fare well the second time we saw it. And the lousy scenes, like the Barnett-Sloane confrontation? Murder.

But the good stuff was good.

Like, Von getting shot. There wasn't any doubt that his vest stopped the bullets, but simply seeing him laid out by gunfire was a high point of this season. And a boy can dream, can't he?

With Will all but out of the picture and Von sticking around, at least Sark has been rising to prominence to balance out my angst. So far, he's cast as the submissive (something which I can ahem relate to), but with a continuously running thread of snark that keeps him from being a pushover like early Will. However, there's as much material to be mined with regards to this new Sark-Lauren alliance as there is with Von and Sydney, but we all know whose show Alias is. So there's going to be something missing for a long while in the Sark-Lauren (Sauren?) thing.

Also nice to see other people get in on the wig action. Darker hair suits Melissa George very nicely.


Just when I was starting to believe that she was banking on rote techniques that she's garnered ahem over the course of Alias, the thing that would've made this episode great even if everything else sucked (which it didn't)...


Jen Garner blew me hehe away -- her geek-cadence was pure euphony, and her short choppy steps were nothing short of ethereal.

Seriously, more hot nerds please.

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