Friday, March 26, 2004

Finally, The Apprentice.

As much as I disagree with Bill's morals and so-called ethics, I think that his stock has risen dramatically. I take it that it was his idea to sign up all the whales (i.e. VIPs) for casino challenge, in which case, he saved the hides of Troy and Kwame, whose tiger-idea nearly sank the squad. (Similarly, Kwame could've been toast for going to the magic show if they'd lost, and given the "Huge mistake" promos, I thought it was going to be Protege on the wrong end.) It was nice to see them all get along in victory ("C'mon, everyone bet $100, I have a good feeling." "Blackjack."), but it'll get ugly again if they lose. If they want to retain their momentum, Troy and Bill need to make compromises with each other.

Amy's deportment during the challenge was questionable -- openly biting off of Protege's ideas could've been disastrous. She did prepare amazingly well for the boardroom meeting (no surprise there -- she's still the frontrunner given her track record), but what was surprising was how well Katrina managed herself against Amy. Maybe her long hair reminded me of Ereka, but I thought she'd be an emotional mess (and I'm just remembering how she passed herself off in the meeting where Tammy got axed), but instead she calmly brought up cogent points and didn't overtalk. Oh well, fat lot of good that did her.

PS -- how did yall like the pr0n moustache on this week's not-George? Classic 80s stylee, I tell you whut!

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