Friday, March 26, 2004

Since I didn't see last week's Survivor till a few days ago, I'll do a two in one.

It's kind of sad to see how Rupert's stature has fallen. Much of his waning presence is due to the hyper-aggressiveness of Boston Rob and his cohorts and their usually subtle, occasionally rampant parodies of him, but there's no doubt that his confidence level has decreased since Pearl Islands, and echoes the shaky foundation of self-esteem created in his childhood when he was that "fat little kid." In other words, he's stopped being a force of nature and dropped into the role as a sidekick. Much of these sentiments come from Boston Rob's interview that denigrate Rupert's worth -- "As long as you keep me fed"; the Aquaman/Grizzly comment; and questioning and usurping Rupert's role as fishcatcher (which meanwhile destabilizes the burly-man image that Pearl Islands burnished into our minds -- is he really all that? (And the ensuing shoot-the-messenger reaction (e.g. damn you Boston Rob) for presenting this possibility).

Meanwhile, the denotative constituents inherent to Colby's chafing blah blah tendollar fishcakes = FUNNEH. And the coffee routine was goofed up goofy fun! (Though I hope that Mogo Mogo aren't using the coffee as a crutch to simply maintain energy levels, since overuse of caffeine would do more harm to their bodies at this point than good.)

I can't believe how good they made Jerri seem. I'm thoroughly embarrassed for liking her. As far as the villain's of this season go, though, she doesn't hold a match to Boston Rob, who's beginning to make me affectionately miss Jonny Fairplay(!). He isn't the fun-to-hate Evil mastermind, he's the arrogant, unafraid to cross certain lines do-it-all-know-it-all, who's on the edge of being an entitled prick.

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