Friday, March 05, 2004


I thought Omarosa was too tough to break down because a boss scolded her. I'm not so sure that Trump et al were going to fire her at all, at least not until she barged into the conference room. And she was lucky that her blatant use of her disadvantaged youth to fish for sympathy didn't provoke some serious reprisal from Trump. If she hadn't acted like such a fool (and keep in mind that she was the only one to actually make a sale), Kwame seemed like the most fireable candidate since the team was such a disaster under him.

I'm also surprised that Kwame employed the market strategy that he did, since product conviction is such a fundamental part of sales. It's like, "Yo, I don't cook or anything but these knives are probably pretty good," vs. "You know what, I use these knives everyday and I honestly have to say that they blah blah blah."

And when did Jason Lee change his name to Andrei and become a poncey artist? God, all the artists (possible exception of Leah) were pompous twits. Andrei's works looked nice, but boy was he itching to explain everything about them, a sure sign of a hack. Meghan... I don't even want to get started on her. But I will: SHE TRIES TOO HARD TO BE LOOPY. HER WORKS SUCK BTW. I HATE HER. OH WOW JUXTAPOSITION OF INNOCENT WITH THE MORBID, NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE. NO ONE HAS. I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU. PRETENTIOUS FOOL I HATE YOU. GAAAAH.

And and and the patrons! The people that I saw were horrendous yuppie-scum types who would only buy a piece because they need someone to sell it to them, i.e. they buy it not because they genuinely like it, but because it's been sanctioned and approved by others. POSERS. I HATE YOU DEEPLY.


Anyway, this whole passing Amy back and forth between the teams is getting laughable. Other than proper sales techniques, she hasn't been terribly high profile for some time now. If Trump is going to keep evening out the teams -- which, given how few people are left, I doubt will happen -- the pick from Protege should be Troy (but they're not going to rattle off two wins in a row now) and from Versa (jeez I hate that name), Bill.

I feel like I should end this post on a hateful note, but I'm all spent.

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