Friday, March 05, 2004

Survivor: All-Stars - 8x06 "Outraged"

Survivor then. Kind of unprecedented, this season.

I was surprised that Sue had the reaction she had, since what Hatch did, to me, didn't seem to have malicious intent. Inappropriate yes, but short of saying that Sue was asking for it, she did go out of her way to provoke a confrontation with him. If I had been in her situation, I would've been grossed out because a fat naked man was thrusting himself at me, but since it more likely than not was not a sexual act, I might brush it off. However, this version discounts Sue's piety/morals which no doubt differ from mine, and there's no way to dismiss, rationalize away or invalidate her feelings.

Further, I have to side with Alicia with regards to Tom and Boston Rob's blatant celebration when Sue left. Question her motives, try to put a positive spin on it, whatever, it was simply in bad taste.

Unfortunately, Rupert was to a small degree complicit in the inappropriateness, and overall, I'm beginning to wonder about him (from purely a game-playing standpoint, mind, and if it's not obvious already I'm switching back to frivolous things), because it would appear that given his stated level of comfort with his new "alliance" with Rob, he's comfortable. Just as unprecedented is an All-Star who's actually more naive the second time around.

On to Boston Rob -- his arrogance, his hubris, GRR. He's so utterly punchable. But dammit, he's too entertaining. I'm trying to reassure myself by thinking that if there's any such thing as Survivor karma, he's going to a buttload.

Big shouts to Lex, kind-of local boy. I don't see necessarily the advantage of not fishing for your team until Hatch was booted, though. But boy, is he a popular guy right now. Hopefully he won't get all paranoid like last time.

And Kathy is one suave player. Her decision to swing the girls against Hatch was uncannily far-sighted planning. If there's any justifce, I want her to go far.

Shii Ann, I'm so sorry for having called you boring in the past. Talking about Colby, aka "Captain America and his perfect teeth." All sins are forgiven.

I've been meaning to say this for some time now and if I don't now, I might never say it: Amber's got great breasts. I'm also trying to figure out if her statement that Chapera is just a happy camp where they make all negatives into positives is a load of tripe or actual insight. Shouldn't even be a question, it's the former, because once they start losing, it's going to get ugly. Amber's not exactly being stupid, but more like hopelessly optimistic.

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