Friday, March 12, 2004

The quote of the night came from Shii-Ann. "I know every thought that's in [Jerri's] head because they all come out of her mouth." I'm all hot for Shii-Ann now.

And wow, Burnett did some incredibly selective editing in the early going to have made Jerri appear a hard worker, a good team member, etc., because, if I can be modest for a second, I am the best judge of character in the world. Unfortunately, while we have Shii-Ann and Colby's words that Jerri is still annoying, Burnett has still failed to provide explicit evidence of her obnoxiousness. So far, all we've seen is her pickiness and just that two people have worn on each other. (Which, come to think of it, sounds hot.)

Lex's gambit to oust Colby is one-sided in its reasoning. While the threat that Colby presents in individual challenges is potent and tangible, since this is All-Stars, there's no assurance that the game will go exactly in that direction. Who knows, maybe there won't be a merge at all, and there will continue to be team challenges until the other team's totally defunct.

I totally called Chumpera picking Kathy to join in on the reward. She's one of the savviest players out there, knowing that loyalty is merely a tool to get to the final two, i.e. if it's expedient for her to switch alliances, she'll do it. Similarly, if she thinks that it's a good idea to dish out Mogo Mogo gossip in order to get in with the Chumperas, she'll do it. With Rupert flaking out, she's my horse to win this.

Towards the end of the party, Rupert and Jenna were conspicuously absent, which immediately suggests that they've not assimilated into Chumpera completely yet. What else it could mean is anyone's guess.

Word life about the disgust with losing to Boston Rob. Once again, the guy's an arrogant schmuck who plays borderline dirty, but unfortunately, entertaining as hell.

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