Friday, March 12, 2004

In a way, Troy did think outside the box last night on the Apprentice. Just that there was another box surrounding his idea about pre-paid vouchers or whatever (although, it was just a variation on an idea he'd had before). As far as his leadership goes, he's far too obvious with his friendship with Kwame, and if that doesn't precisely cause some sort of downfall, it'll at least upset quite a few people (same goes for Kwame when he's the PM). Still, he continues to show some promise in his adaptability, specifically when it became apparent that their initial arrangement of Kwame biking and he and Heidi selling was tanking. Things weren't working and he knew when it was time to shake things up and, just as importantly, to have fun, something he learned from the prior episode (believing what you're selling).

The biggest winner this week, though, is obviously Amy, who'd been rather quiet recently.

Katrina had a compelling argument against Bill -- there's a difference between a woman using her sexuality, and a man using a woman's sexuality. Bill sells phallic symbols of entitlement for god's sake, course he's going to be a monkey about the sticky politics of sexuality.

Nick refunding the ad cash (never mind how much he refunded, but the fact that he felt obliged to tell the restaurant or whatever that the ad fell off) was a short-term sacrifice for a long-term goal -- impressing Trump. Oooh, business ethics and all that. However, I do think that he rolled over too easily to give up the entire $250 when the ad was only half-ineffective.

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