Sunday, May 16, 2004

Joan of Arcadia - "The Gift"

Teenagers may be dumb (or so I hear), but Joan took idiocy to new extremes. God suggests you get your honey a gift, and you offer him your maidenhead? Good thinking! Although you should've saved it to appease the inevitable Angry God! (Since we all know one maiden is worth 100 loose wenches!)

Oh but whatever.

I want to make brief mention about the under-utilized Becky Wahlstrom aka Grace Polk. Even with sometimes clueless material that relegates her character as a mere leftist-agitator stereotype. Magically, Wahlstrom pulls off Grace's polemicism so that it's merely annoying rather than punchable/demagogic. And so far, she's even been given a few subtle moments that sort of require some, you know, acting... stuff. What I'm trying to say is that Wahlstrom has more talent than her character's been allowed to play so far; consider the declining amount of screen time Grace is getting lately.

And she actually did push-ups! Rrowr!

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