Thursday, May 13, 2004

Survivor: America's Tribal Council

Biggest surprise about the second million was that Boston Rob got in to the four finalists. I won't dispute his being there, but I was convinced this vote was simply going to be a popularity contest, and secondarily, an avenue through which to redress past oversights (like Kathy crapping out at third in Marquesas and then slipping to eighth on All-Stars -- another surprise cos she was my "worked her tail off before getting shafted" pick (even though she seemed far less proactive this time around)).

I let myself use very easy and personal criteria in considering for whom to vote -- whom I liked the most (Rupert), and whom I thought should have won in a previous installment (Kathy). Really, there wasn't any doubt that Rupert would win -- I'm sure he ran away with the vote (and I'm quite glad for him, given the anxiety he felt about being away from his family something like 2 out of 3 months and his overall lack of dissembling throughout his time there, his brusquely straightforward nature) -- but that Kathy wasn't even a finalist was my co-biggest disappointment -- the other being that Tom was a finalist. People! He is amusing only as a vulgar sideshow, for us, the intellectual elite, to gawk at for our edification! Do not encourage him or his sort any further lest they spread throughout the hinterlands of the American South!

Lastly, what I would have given to see Jonny Fairplay up against Rob. Any outcome would have delighted me -- Jonny falling under the heel of Rob's plans; Rob getting knocked out when Jon hits him with a steel chair. Oh the sparks! At least I got to see him in a snazzy yet still ill-fitting suit doing his heel shtick. (But does he actually wrestle?? His build wouldn't hold up under much more than being a manager!) Seriously, it was genuinely refreshing to have him absorb some of the negative vibe that was hanging around (the persistent Lex/Rob feud, the audience antagonizing of Jerri) by playing up his part as a heel -- I don't know if he did it purposely out of some kind of magnanimity., or if he just wanted to raise his profile by grabbing attention, but the net effect was a momentary defusing or redirection of the show's tension.

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