Thursday, May 13, 2004

America's Next Top Model - "The Runway Ahead"

My opinion of most of the girls crashed down even further!

Though I forget why now.

Yoanna doesn't have the best smile. She should learn how to do the famous-person sly grin thing which would be teh sexy.

I liked how Tyra essentially burned Bethany. T sez, "Our girls aren't necessarily the prettiest," and so on. Then later, B sez: "I know I'm prettier than the other girls."

Maybe I don't hate most of the girls more, but April, Sara and Shandi didn't come off well, especially Shandi. She was nothing if not blunt when she said that she wasn't closer to her mother, with her MOTHER SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HER. As for my fallen esteem for April and Sara: why are they doing lad mags like Stuff and Maxim?

Also, what was up with using footage in the previews that didn't make it into the show itself? The show itself was incredibly boring since it was half clip show and would have benefited from more investigative glimpses of the girls' post-show lives (namely, Shandi saying that her life initially hadn't changed one iota, and Camille saying that she had to hire bodyguards because of threatening phonecalls). This absence surely is due to the less feel-good nature of hate mail and small town malaise.

And on the topic of Camille's predicament -- she continues to come off as impossible (if I remember correctly, she still talked about her "confidence" intimidating Yoanna), but calling her up and threatening her is beyond what anyone should have to deal with. Jerk does not mandate terrorizing.

Anyway, Mercedes smelled like roses after the show. Her prancing on the lawn kept on in the tradition of her cute. That was cute!

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