Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Amazing Race - 5.02 "It Turned Ugly Just Now"

So much for the wholesomeness of Bowling Moms! I definitely don't hold it against them for supposedly sending Major Dad & Daughter off on a wild peso chase, since if you assume that other teams will play nice because of their outward appearance (HELLO ANDREW SAVAGE FROM SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS), you'll be gone from the game sooner rather than later. It's a crummy move, but not unexpected on a reality show.

Which is in keeping with the episode title, and a relatively weak subplot to the main conflict between Chip/Kim and the Twins, which is equally uninteresting. Chip says that after all that happened, he has a clear conscience, which indicates that he knows that he's done something that the Twins might find objectionable, so his chipper attitude is covering up a small speck of shame.

Otherwise, the standings going up and down, teams losing leads and leapfrogging others left me dizzy (how many times did it look like Charla & Mirna had just killed their chances?) and at times confused as to the overall standings. (One thing I'm certain about is that the Pizza Bros suck.) Once the number of teams gets down to a manageable number (my guess is six), TAR's going to be some hott stuff again.

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