Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Amazing Race - 6x01 "The Game's Afoot"

"Iceland! That's where my favorite band is from." AKA Sigur Ros shout out. Cos come on, anyone on a reality show is going to know who Múm are, nor the Sugarcubes because of the Bjork thing. That bit of hipsterism aside (and I'm talking about the Sigur Ros fan Mormon sister, not my namedropping there), the Salt Lake Sisters seem like a nice pair (of people, that is), in actually enjoying the competition when one of them thought she wouldn't.

Samewise with the Brooklyn Jews, who had a nice "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey attitude." Unfortunately, science done them in.

At least we're assured of this season's Colin. Behold:
Victoria: Sit down, Jonathan. The boat driver needs to see.
Boatman: Move aside.

Eat a bag of dicks, you jerk.

Bolo and Lori -- I thought Bolo said that he was the heel. Still, pretty damn awesome to see some wrestling, on a bleedin' glacier.

Stanfurd Dummy -- can't figure a car seat. Sprained ankles. Stanfurd. You'll be gone soon.

As will Gus Gut and Hera. Hera seems nice, but that old man's a wet blanket and a half.

I will not call Adam, because he is such a tool, "Hellboy." Adam doesn't have half of Hellboy's game.

Speaking of Hellboy, I think it was Victoria who mentioned the similarity first. But since her taste in husbands is sorely suspect, her taste in High Literature is likewise cast into doubt. Thus, POSER ALERT #2 (the first being Sigur Ros, of course).

Funny thing about the epistemology of big cities -- when they're depicted on television, they always seem so huge and forbidding, but once you've actually been to one of the places, and in this case I'm talking about Chicago, its familiarity makes the urbanity seem so much more manageable.

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