Monday, November 22, 2004

Alias - Season 3 + Season 4 probably-not-news-to-you-by-now

or, My stupid effort to prove that the World is wrong and I'm right

It might be fruitful to get my reader(s) involved on this one: why in blue blazes do you lack taste believe season 3 to be rub (that's rubbish, for you non-Anglophiles)? The reason I thought it was hands-down better than season 2 (and thus comparable to the first year) was because it avoided season 2's patently nauseating melodrama, and the sickeningly gooey eyes Von and Syd were constantly making at each other, not to mention the force with which JJ crammed the two together in no time flat (one of the bad effects of JJ's instant gratification modus operandi) and the fact that we had to watch this sentimental mess. Season 3 reemphasized the, you know, SPY nature of the series -- missions took on a greater prominence (though you may well mention LAUREN and her magnificently huge eyebrows and have a point), back to the formula (and admit it, it's formulaic) we love. Highkicks will always trump reductive "romance." Pistols at dawn and whatnot.

As for the "news," I've heard it through the grapevine that once it returns on January 5, Alias will follow Lost on Wednesday nights, so check your listings etc.


Anonymous said...

Umm, Lee are you joking me? ALL Syd and Vaughn did season 3 was mope at each other! That was the worst part! No actually, the worst part WAS Lauren and her horrendously inflating eyebrows. And the 123698 dropped plotlines (Rambaby? The Covenant?). And Lauren's gawdawful accent. And the character assassination (Vaughn? Sark?). And Lauren's character and plotline (recycled for the not second but third time--remember Christian Slater's wife?). And the moping. They did a bloody lot of that.

Leee said...

All points taken into consideration, and you're right, too. Yet, being the glum sourpuss that I am, moping will always beat out those awful PDAs from season 2. Von's character assassination was enjoyable for purely selfish reasons, but as for the dropped plotlines -- this wouldn't be Alias without dropped plotlines, i.e. where was Rambaldi in the first half of season 2?

Anonymous said...

That is very true about the dropped plotlines. However, it seems to me that season 3 was just ridiculously out of control. But my memory could be clouded by all the other reasons for hating that season, so, touche!

-Anna (that was me the first time too...I just forgot to sign my name)