Monday, November 29, 2004

The Amazing Race - 6x02 "I'm Not His Wife, He Doesn't Need To Yell At Me"

or, I Should've Been A Geography Major

Quickly: I'm glad what Phil says now, "The last team to arrive may be eliminated" doesn't necessarily indicate that we have a reprieve for the last team.

Not that my new favorite team, Lena and Kristy, needed it. Not just for the eye candy factor, but the look on Kristy's face when Jonathan was yelling at Victoria in front of Salt Lake Sisters was too priceless. Not to mention that so far, they haven't shown themselves to be the stressed out, "OH MY GOD STOP YELLING AT ME" types; rather, their even keels are tremendously sexy.


Anonymous said...

what in Sam Hill are you talking about?!


Anonymous said...

So, have you checked out your idol's new blog here?

Offtopic, yes, but it might be awhile before you say anything else about ANTM so that it would be ontopic.