Monday, November 01, 2004

Disguise Delimit: Alias 1x02 [Raw Notes]

So It Begins

  • Ep 2 in media res of action turns out to be in past (3 years ago)
  • S has chip on shoulder; angry/defiant
  • split between how wide S thinks SD6 is and what V really shows him
  • S unpacking stuff, Joey's Pizza calls -- intrusion of spy into domestic
  • disguise beneath disguise: rubber dress under maid uni
  • Sl asks S to find out "any Aliases" on SD6 target
  • another scene in cemetery; this time on business, not personal cf. 1x01
    S digs to uncover truth/bomb
  • time ends reading "0:11" double-ones
  • plane ticket to Singapore
  • S in burqa/head scarf

    [Note: I've bolded things that at the moment seem of particular import with respect to my project.]
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