Monday, November 01, 2004

Disguise Delimit: Alias 1x03 [Raw Notes]

(Can't you tell how much I don't want to do work right now?)


  • alternating between mission and grad school; S telling prof. altered truths -- apply to what really happened on mission, and also her cover story
  • S looking for meaning in life: job is "means to an end."
  • 1st mention of Rambaldi
  • Sl: science as way to know God
  • Madrid - red wig
  • accessories that seem to complete S's transformation/disguise actually technology to help complete mission e.g. Spanish coin
  • prototype car takes attention away from S so she can cause distraction
  • alternating between Marshall explaining tech and mission itself; M narrates when appropriate, i.e. when S about to use gadget
  • open box w/ Anna E -- cliffhanger
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