Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Amazing Race - 6x06 "They Probably Should Have Some Counseling"

"This ain't a whole lotta car!"

A bit disappointingly (and those of you who were concerned about my humanity, you don't have to worry anymore), there was no intervention with Jonathan and Victoria vis-a-vis the push, at least none that was aired. Unsurprisingly, Victoria brushed it off, "That's just how he is."

I do wonder about the nature of reality villainy, though. Just as in wrestling, as reality tv is likewise about spectacle and NEXT WEEK!! BIGGER AND MORE SOMETHING THAN EVER!!!, where the constant evolution of faces compels heels to push the envelope ever further, was Jonathan pushing Victoria and the decision to air it part of the evolution of reality villainy? I doubt it, since I don't think that the previous episode was hyped as YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT DICKFACE DOES THIS WEEK, and it remains that I have a crowbar that's itching to get an imprint of Jonathan's face.

I don't know how small Jonathan's penis is that he constantly has to be number one all the time, every stage of the race, but if it pushes the other teams to regulate, then I'll find the patience.

While my Gut Gus & Hera love had already been cooking, Kris and Jon have been growing on me, if only because their relative blandness looks stellar next to the tiresome whining and/or patent vileness of other teams.

And "To Be Continued"? MADNESS!

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Matt said...

Haha Leee, when my nine-year-old daughter saw that "To be continued" jazz, her response was "THAT. IS JUST. WRONG."