Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Veronica Mars - 1x01 "Pilot"

Review: Not bad, not great so far, the quality of the dialogue and its bruntness in portraying certain issues (date rape, entitled psychopaths) show that it has promise.

Analysis: A conceit running through the episode was trash -- Veronica dumps the music box in the trash, her dad throws the photo of Jake Kane's tryst away, and would you look at that, both of them return near the end of the episode. On that same token, Veronica and her dad have become social refuse, cast aside after their respective downfalls (Keith when the town recalled him, which indirectly leads to Veronica's, i.e. her rape). Add in new kid Wallace, social reprobate Weevil and we've got a dump of a group so far, which carries over, although probably inadvertently, to the UPN-drama aesthetic of washed out colors, which gives the impression of low production values.

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