Tuesday, December 14, 2004

America's Next Top Model (Cycle 3) - 3x11 "The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye"

Thanks to VH1 (a phrase I never thought I'd be uttering), I'm 90.9% caught up with the show (no thanks to annoyingly rigid people who wish to charge $15 for a single burned DVD of one episode and wouldn't consider burning it onto a CD instead). I'll just use this entry to sum up my feelings so far.

Funny how all the episodes I missed the first time showed Yaya being insufferably entitled. Even then, with that uglied up flattened out hair she sported in the last elimination, she is the least annoying, in part because she is the most attractive, and more importantly the most Ivy-Leagued.

This season is still boring.

Models have to do "research" now? I suppose it means that I finally have some concretely transferable skills.

And now for the official T!YBE prediction for the ANTM finale: it will bore me.

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