Friday, December 10, 2004

Disguise Delimit: Alias 1x06 [Raw Notes]


KJ plot hidden from audience -- which has same knowledge as W
Calder looks a lot like Sloane
S asking Mrs. Calder about Bentley (photo on mantle, which turs out to be Mrs's new boyfriend)
KJ turns out to be Eloise Kurtz, leads W to suspect cover story
S to J: "Every time I think I know just how awful you are, I learn something worse." -- constant branching/bottoming out of show's 'truth,' S's experience parallels audience's
EK: "I don't know anything." W: "See, it's people who say that that always know much more than they think they do."
establishing mission form: complication in mission; use of cliffhanger commercial break to give S time to climb up pipes

S: "Raid my closet." F: "Thanks, but I got boobs!" [aka BEST LINE EVER]
return of Amy in club where Charlie sings
Charlie sings "Have a little faith in me" -- turns out that he is cheating on F and after being cleared of initial infidelity suspicions -- ppl under suspicion get exonerated by show (seemingly beyond doubt) but usually end up guilty of original suspicion
S to be checked into asylum as patient
J: "What you think you know, you don't know." J sez there exist rules, S wants J to break rules, J turns that on her: "Think about the last time you did something like that" i.e. broke rules.
EK is disappeared
Dr. K watches screen where Shephard strangling S but Agent Fisher no sees it, audience knows then Dr is bad guy.

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