Thursday, December 09, 2004

Disguise Delimit: Alias 1x05 [Raw Notes]


NOTE: I figure it's pretty boring reading raw notes (and waiting for me to write these up), so once I get to an episode that I genuinely like, I'll come up with a proper post. Until then, clipped syntax, character abbreviations and general lack of organization ahoy. Also, feel free to add comments and sundry/interesting details that I don't mention.

S rarely uses guns, masters environment
V provides S file on J (suppose that life summable in file) -- but missing case file [wuh?]
Biz card say "XYZ" in Germ, because "English would give you away."
Warehouse: S/V's faces half lit-half dark
S as German software representative [And might I add: Yum!]
W: "Too many things about Danny's death that don't make any sense."
Dixon defending S to Sl while S trying to bring Dix into CIA side -- but S compelled to keep Dix in dark
costume party: S as Alice in Wonderland
alternating S trying to convince Schiller while J beating up Kelvin; audience already knows that S got Schiller to trust her because she told J that she got info (then goes back to S at safehouse to convince etc.)
Kate Jones becomes manifest (not 'real' KJ - agent playing S's alias)
J suspected of being KGB

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