Sunday, December 05, 2004

Disguise Delimit: Alias 1x04 [Raw Notes]

A Broken Heart

S feels conflicted about Anna E who wants to take SD6 down almost as much as S does; V reminds S that K-Directorate almost as bad as SD6.
need another character to translate "Sol Toro" (for audience's benefit)
F asks if S "ever spied on someone" (parallels J watching S at dinner) -- spying on Charlie; S knows to wait before follow in car
Jailbait Jenny tells W he's "different when he talks to S"
S appears in J's hypnotic dream where S sez: "Only matter of time before I find out the truth."
Kate Jones's first appearance
see S putting on disguise (hippie)
S spotted by bodyguard who broke her arm 2 years ago -- bio beyond depicted series
S no breaks cover in fight against b-guard in front of eyewitnesses
W: "You look exhausted" S: "Pretty good assessment" -- W sees thru S's cover to emotional core
S knows J no had work in missing dinner
S feels like she's losing her mind, don't "know who I am anymore, what I'm doing, why I'm doing it."; V: S's job: sees worst of people
W makes JJ pretend to want to go out on date with contact.

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