Monday, January 17, 2005

Alias - 3x01-3x08

I'm realizing that one of my reasons for appreciating this season (so far) when it's quite tempermentally similar to season 2 is no less superficial than anyone who delightfully swooned at Von and Syd gross, interminable face-sucking sessions: the amount of abuse that Von goes through approaches something magical. Sydney stabs him in 3x04 "A Missing Link," left for dead after getting a boot to the face from Justin Theroux; she stabs him in a bad dream in 3x05 "repercussions"; in 3x07 "Prelude," a Mexican highway bandit introduces his immense, perpetually creased forehead to the butt-end of his rifle and to top that off, when the shlemiehl (Von, not the would-be kidnapper) tries to get rough with Jack, Spy Daddy gives him a solid shove. And there's more slapping around to come!

And, in addition to having a nose that ought to be "tapered" (Syd's own words, mind!) and to have his "bump removed" (his admission!), Von's crooked teeth kind of scream out at you. (Or, at least, they will now -- that's the plan.)

Some beautiful man.

Ever notice how much Simon Walker (known to his mum as Justin Theroux) was copping Carlos D's look (big honking pic)?

Indie rating: Interpol - "Evil"


Anonymous said...

Oh, Leeeeeee, you're just jealous. Crooked teeth can be sexy, too (just ask almost every member of Blur). Unibrows, however, are not (just ask the former members of Oasis).

t to teh funk

haenschen said...

My bottom teeth look like that too, because I didn't wear my retainer! Ok, well, not as pronounced. But still overlappy!

Anonymous said...

Simon Walker is hot.

Not so much Vaughn.

- Anna