Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lost - 1x13 "Hearts and Minds"

I haven't watched my tape of last night's Alias yet, but if last week was any indication of the respectively persistent qualities of each series, well, Wednesday night isn't so much going to be "JJ Abrams Night" as it will be "Lost Night, And Oh Yeah, That Other Show Too."

Whether the actors are better or the material is better (deeper characterization in the screenplay) or if the ensemble cast deflects the scrutiny that we can focus on Alias's smaller stable of characters or if 13 episodes isn't a sufficient sample size especially against 67 episodes of Alias, but I'm finding myself liking the characters on Lost a lot more. Where Alias has the whiney, petulant and self-absorbed female character as the primary focus of the show, the analogous character on Lost (i.e. Shannon) is contained and held up against expectations of interactive behavior.

Also, I didn't mention last week's excellent episode, but the current treatment of Sawyer -- i.e. the resident antagonizing human on the show (cf. Sloane) -- is treated in much more refreshing way than Sloane's purely malicious character has become. Sawyer's cockiness exudes charisma, and the lines that JJ gives him are pure crackers. (Sloane, like a lot of Alias characters, have been deflated in a way, empty shells of beings or perhaps mere cyphers at the mercy of driving the plot forward.)

And even though the stuff that Boone went through was another hallucination (and here, Lost flirts dangerously close with shark jumping, I'll admit), when the Jungle Thing started chasing him and Shannon was HOLY TERROR.

And I've been circling around the issue with respect to Shannon, but...
Indie Rating: The White Stripes - "Sugar Never Tasted So Good"

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