Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Alias - 4x06 "Nocturne"

My god, the show is a bag of suck now. While locally I can blame this Drew Goddard guy who wrote the episode, which happened to feature some of the worst, most uninspired dialogue on top of enormous plot holes (e.g. a shmuck like Von is able to sneak into a big pharmaceutical company and steal some goods because said company has only guard for the night shift), not to mention the rule of "Sydney Being In Danger? Not Very Suspenseful," this episode is just another example in a long, slow death for the show. While the prior episode showed signs of recovery (i.e. it was camp, but deliberately so, and thus, GOOD TIME HAD BY ALL), the absurdity of this episode lacked any sly self-awareness that could have saved the idiotic premise of drug-induced vampirism.

I mean, HOW COULD ALIAS SCREW UP VAMPIRES? VAMPIRES AND ALIAS!! How is that anything but a winnable combination? (Not that vampires have necessarily had great luck recently.)

More blatant repetition/redundancy with the hallucinated Sloane saying that he's just gaining trust before betraying once again, which brings me to the one interesting thing in this whole episode (not enough to redeem it, unfortunately): with this episode dipping into gothic-horror, the show proves that it possesses multi-generic flexibility. Alias disguises itself as a series about espionage, but in fact, it's 'really' about "relationships," but it can also switch into other modes, such as one that features the unsexiest vampirism ever.

Indie rating: not even going to bother

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Anonymous said...

i hate that i agree with you. lost is getting to be the only thing worth watching, though of course i'll keep on watching alias in the hopes of stuff like the suburbia thing.